Our founder 

Ellen Jackson 


In 2012, Ellen made a brave decision to start her own Marketing business.  The intention was to provide her family some additional income, it was that decision that would create the lifestyle that most dream of today.  

As a former military spouse and stay at home Mom, she was struggling to find balance and confidence.  Many close friends and family members did not believe in Ellen's dreams, however Ellen did.  She did not stop until she fulfilled those desires, despite what others believed.

The income was a secondary reaction to the energy and passion she displayed as a leader and friend.  Her focus was on the people and how she could help them be successful too.

Fast forward 6 years later, she is now a top leader in the company and has more than 3,000 representatives worldwide. 

Today she is a single mom raising two young boys and has the ability to work from home or anywhere virtually. The residual income from her successful  enterprise has given her the freedom to re-focus her energy towards her life's purpose.

During a difficult period, she found support from a Life and Business Coach, Greg Clowminzer, who guided her towards insights that would shape her future. Through the practice of yoga, meditation & a vegetarian diet, she discovered a deeper meaning to life. During a natural disaster, she knew that if all her materials things were destroyed, she would have peace as long as her family was safe.  The awakening of moving from the importance of the material to the importance of people, plants and animal life was a moment in time that she knew going back to the material life would never be satisfying.

The realization of what is truly important in life allowed Ellen to become the empathic friend, mother, and leader. This inner work with the guidance of her coach and commitment to self has allowed Ellen more freedom to explore intuitive living.

As an intuitive Life Coach, Ellen and her team support others on their awakening journey, providing educational workshops and one on one coaching.  

Under her company Synclife1320, Ellen has created the Time is Art Retreat to help others find inner peace as well.  The retreats are designed to guide and support others towards their life purpose through the education of holistic practices.  

Through her journey she found the lawoftime.org and credits Delia Skye for the introduction through the Documentary Film; Time is Art, Synchronicity and the Collective Dream. 

Ellen is also and advocate and activist donating her time and money to various charities, most notable her work with Freedom to Walk Foundation, the Law of Time and Moms Who Demand Action.

Ellen grew up in Hackensack, N.J. and attended Montclair State University receiving a BA in Sociology and Criminal Justice. She later would go on to work as a media executive for various real estate publications.  She lives in Tampa and is  building her dream house while her two sons  attend a private school and works as a Certified Life and Business Coach.