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Virginia margarita

Virginia Margarita was born in Varadero, Cuba and came to the US in mids 80’s. Her story started around 2012 when she came to a realization that having a fairytale life does not yield happiness. She asked herself the question “Is this really the life you wanted?” Her answer was a resounding no so she made the decision to quit her job and ask for a divorce knowing it was going to be a rough ride, and it was.

She created her corporation and decided to pursue her passion of art and picture framing. Through networking her art business she met Ellen Jackson. 

Ellen and Virginia became very good friends and together embarked on the SyncLife journey.

During her journey, Virginia has learned about the benefits of using Crystals, Essencial Oils and also tapping into esoteric knowledge to live a life of purpose and help others find theirs.

As a Reiki practitioner, she is always looking for opportunities to help heal all living things and help in raising the earth’s vibration as well as helping promote bringing peace to our planet.

For Virginia, SyncLife1320 has been a vehicle that helps reflect her passion to help others discover their purpose in life and pursue it.



delia skye

Delia has pioneered women’s leadership programs over the past decade in educating and orienting women in the workplace linking golf to business networking. Her training seminars, “A Woman’s Golf Forum” and “Taking It to the Course, Leadership in Action” have impacted women’s associations including The YWCA of America, the Women in Insurance and Financial Services, the Dupont Minority Corporate Counsel, and the national Association for Women in Communications. 

As Vice President of Insurance Marketing for a Washington D.C. based mutual funds company, Delia has founded both the Metro D.C. Chapter and the Annapolis/Chesapeake Bay Chapter of EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf Association). She is currently a member of the Sunriver Women’s Golf Forum and is noted in the 1999 National Golf Foundation’s publication, Women’s Golf Programs that Work. 

Delia arrived in Las Vegas on 9/11/01 to spearhead women’s golf programming for the new corporate venture, the Greens of Las Vegas. That project was delayed as many grass roots projects were and, in the summer of 2002, Delia organized a leadership team to pilot what is now known of the National School Program of the PGA Tour through The First Tee organization. After being on the payroll of The First Tee of Southern Nevada and spearheading the launch in Clark County schools with 27 elementary schools on board, Delia began working directly with the SNAG Coaching System in other areas of the country including Florida. 

During 2006, Kids Golf Events were held in three cities, Fredericksburg, VA, Colorado Spring, CO, and Las Vegas, NV in conjunction with the U.S. Golf Pro Tour. In 2007, another program was successfully launched in the private school environment in conjunction with Treasure Island Parks and Recreation. The SNAG Coaching system will now be part of grants and fund-raising events nationwide in collaboration with Park and Recreation facilities. 

Since 1984, Delia has studied and applied Mayan return work in her life. Fast forward to 2010 when the Tipping Point of the New Dawn was approaching and Delia experientially participated in the national conferences in Cancun and Vancouver and the closing of the Cycle in Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico on 12-21-12. She has conducted workshops on the Rainbow Convention, the Dreamspell of José Arguëlles, the Hopi Life Plan or Grandfather David and Sacred Tea Ceremonies. Currently, she sits on the International Council of the Banner of Peace for the Foundation of the Law of Time. She is focusing on “Exploring Synchronicity” as an important personal theme for all no matter what discipline might resonant in practice. Delia Skye is a Galactic Coach and Initiate, “one who awakens to lift human consciousness from lower to higher levels by quickening latent spiritual potentials to full extent through appropriate discipline”.

The discipline is living the Lunar Cycle 13:20 instead of the Gregorian 12:60 “tax” calendar.